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Unveils newest slimming and contouring technology, and laser training institution In line with its mission of providing the aesthetic industry and its clients with cutting-edge technologies, SpectruMed recently introduced its Laser Academy. Doron and Cherryl Glazer of SpectruMed with Cristalle Belo-Pitt  Cherryl Glazer of SpectruMed with Cristalle Belo-Pitt Doris Jimenez and Dr. Eloi Buse of Belo Medical Group Doron and Cherryl Glazer sharing what inspired them to come...

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Strip and Browhaus Founder and CEO Cynthia Chua talks about her brands’ beginnings, reveals exciting plans.  The year 2002 saw her handing out leaflets in groceries in hopes of spreading word about Brazilian waxing. Fast-forward to this day, Spa Esprit Group’s Cynthia Chua is relentless in continuously innovating and growing her brands. She already has 16 brands under her wing, which includes Strip and Browhaus....

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