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Your body, lifestyle, and priorities change as you age, so it’s important to find a diet that works for you at the stage of life you’re in. Enter fitness inspiration and consultant to the stars, Nadine Tengco, who has set out to share the lessons she has learned through decades of sculpting celebrities’ bodies to help you sizzle at any age, too.


Golden summer is here! 


Out now is Sexy at Any Age by Nadine Tengco, where the diet and fitness guru reveals secrets to looking good, feeling great, and loving your body through the different stages of your life: “Beast Mode” (25-35 years old), “Mother Mode” (36-45 years old), and “Queen Mode” (46 years old and above).

L1140419White Shirt Love with Nadine Tengco and the G-Force

Now at 50 years old, Nadine has experienced all three stages and has emerged in her best form yet. “I look and feel a billion times better than I did when I was 25. I am twice as strong and twice as healthy at twice the age!” said Nadine.

L1140518Nadine thanking her friends for supporting the launch. L1140540

During the launch, Nadine delves into what is “sexy” by looking at societal standards of attractiveness through the years and encouraging readers to define their own standards for sexiness. She then identifies the usual culprits that make us fat—stress being the greatest of them.



(L-R) Summit Digital Group Editorial Director Myrza Sison, Agot Isidro, and LDL Creative Director Theresa Leung

Her cover girls and inspirations were also there to support Nadine – Jessy Mendiola for the “Beast Mode” years, Georcelle Dapat-Sy for the “Mother Mode” years, and Myrza Sison and Agot Isidro for the “Queen Mode” years.


Nadine and her covergirls


(L-R) LDL Creative Director Theresa Leung, Jessy Mendiola, Nadine Tengco, and Rob Leung the book’s photographer


(L-R) Teacher Georcelle, LDL Accounts Director Claudine de Leon, LDL Creative Director Theresa Leung with the G-Force

Sexy at Any Age by Nadine Tengco is now out in bookstores, newsstands, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide for P295.

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