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Young and exuberant entrepreneurs Stefano and his wife Valentina Agazzi launched Save My Bag in December 2013. Save My Bag is a timeless bag designed, manufactured and produced in Bergamo, Italy. To know more about the international success of Save My Bag, here is a short interview with Valentina.

1. What made you decide to invent a hi‐tech Poly‐Lycra bag?

It started from the need to have a material that can be easily washed. At the same time, the material has to be ultra light and rain proof. The idea of having a case for a high-end bag was the first thing that comes to mind.  A case that can be easily “thrown” down on the floor during a metro ride or on pavement in a super fancy restaurant. Or it can be a case that can save and store my luxury bag during rush hours under a soaring rain.


2. What do you consider the most important facets of your product?

Save My Bag has itself that Iconic taste with a super colorful Pop innovation. Moreover the brand targets those facets, which we call “Luxury Affordable” or for short, “LUX 4 LESS”. And the product is 100% made and loved in Italy by Italians.

3. What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

I believe that fashion evolves in the stage of “what goes around comes around”. Save My Bag is into a colorful and sparkling Street Art Mood connecting today’s trend, which is a new revenue of the 80’s with a twist of the everyday life-facts.


4. Who do you look up to in the field of fashion?

In the fashion industry, I keep myself above the line and ultra cool. I look up to brands instead, such as Elisabetta Lanfranchi, Kenzo and Valentino.

5. What are your daily tasks at Save My Bag?

I make sure that my business and private life are balanced together. I run the company and get in touch with my connections from time to time. But at the end of the day, my extra time is devoted to my family and myself.

6. How do you handle stress?

I have found a tricky solution. I let my Assistant handle it! Kidding aside, I dedicate extra time to face issues one by one.

7. How comfortable are you working hands on with social media influencers, artists and designers?

In the fashion market, I love to always collaborate with influencers, arts and designers for more business opportunities.

8. How do you handle conflict?

Sometimes situations get extremely hard, but I keep myself calm and try to come up with the best solution right away.

9. Where would you like Save My Bag to lead you in the fashion industry?

My dream is to see Save My Bag as part of those brands who navigates against the current. I want Save My Bag to be different and be “LUX 4 LESS”.


10. What hobbies do you have that relate to the fashion industry?

For the love of fashion, definitely shopping!

11. What was your journey like to get where you are?

It was a long journey, but I’ve always had a good start to follow, my husband, Stefano, who is also my mentor and my best friend. We’ve been together for a long time and we’ve faced problems and challenges with faith and trust in each other.

12. What do you hope to achieve in Save My Bag’s newest collection?

We’re taking a new turn. We’re launching a watch named Save My Day. On a larger note, we want to give our project a huge brand awareness worldwide. Aside from that, we want to diversify the lines of presenting new products for our customers.


13. What’s the best thing about working for Save My Bag?

I love my job and I enjoy living constantly with new challenges. After all, working in a fashion friendly environment with young and dynamic staff keeps me inspired.

14. What’s the most challenging part of the job?

The greatest challenge will be developing a franchising system besides the wholesale market. That’s a new highway for me and right now we are handling 30 stores worldwide.

15. How do you see Save My Bag in the next few years?

I can see it as an established brand, enriched and developed worldwide capillary. But this does not depend on us only. We need a little of stardust in our way! I always remind myself to keep on dreaming without loosing my eye on reality.

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