Batlag Falls, A Hidden Gem Travel

It all started with an itch to get out of the city. Last May, my friends and I wanted to plan a day trip out of town. It began with the idea of going mountain climbing in Daraitan in Rizal until we realized that our group really wasn’t the type to go on a rigorous trip like that and we wanted something a little more relaxing. One of them suggested we go to Daranak-Batlag falls, which is also found in Rizal. A couple of friends had already been there in the past and they recommended visiting the place. Without hesitation, we took their word for it and immediately got ready for our trip.

From Katipunan, we took a car to Tanay through Sumulong Highway. Once we reached Tanay, we followed a sign that said Batlag Trail all the way to the falls. It took us about two hours to get there.

The Trek

Something to note about Daranak-Batlag Falls is that Daranak and Batlag are two separate falls. Once you get there, you’re going to have to pay fifty pesos to enter Daranak, and then cough up an extra one hundred pesos to enter Batlag, which took another 15 minutes to reach. Our group decided to stay there the whole time, because Daranak was too crowded. Batlag was way more private, which we preferred more.

Quick Dip on Shallow Waters

Nature’s Best

Jump in

Arriving at Batlag, you will see that it is actually two separate bodies of water. On the right, the water is shallow, around torso level. This was the perfect place to get a feel of the falls and to adjust to the cold temperature of the water. To the left, the water is a beautiful, bright, blue-green color. It is much deeper than the other one and it was truly inviting to jump in, rent a salvavida and relax in its calm and clean waters. If you happen to have goggles, I highly recommend to just swim around. The water is clear enough to see all the rocks and plants underwater, and to see how deep it really is. It is the perfect place to absorb, disconnect and enjoy the company of friends.

Salvavida anyone?

It was a time for us to be one with nature. There were no food stalls anywhere, so we had to bring our own food. We weren’t allowed to bring in plastic cups because of the locals’ fear of tourist littering. Signal was weak, “forcing” us to make real connections, converse, and spend time with one another without the mandatory selfies and snaps. The bathroom was about ten minutes away, and getting there was another challenge in itself. We had to trek through the mud and rocks just to be able to use the restroom.

It was definitely a wonderful way to be reintroduced to the wonders of our beloved country. You never know what you will find when you decide to think outside the box, look for something out of the ordinary and explore nature’s wonders, and the Philippines is full of them.



  • Bring food and water and pack in reusable containers. Don’t forget the utensils!
  • No alcohol is allowed in the premises.
  • Wear your bathing suit before hand because the bathroom is very far from the falls, and not all that clean.
  • Bring goggles and aqua socks if you prefer. But slippers are fine.
  • Entrance fee is a total of Php150. Salvavida rental is an extra Php50, while tables at Php 200 each.
  • Leave early to avoid traffic. You’ll get to appreciate the scene more during the day.

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