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Daryl Feril is a Filipino illustrator and designer born and raised in Bacolod. He used to be an Engineering student but as he knew his real calling, he graduated with a degree in Advertising Arts from La Consolacion College.

In 2012, Daryl published Brands in Full Bloom, a series of Mixed Media illustrations of world famous designer brands, in an online community. This caught the eye of LVMH’s (Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessey) Creative Director who then instructed his ad agency, AR New York to get in touch with the talented illustrator.

Brands in Full Bloom





BrandsInFullBloom_Hermes BrandsInFullBloom_lv BrandsInFullBloom_mcqueen






His notable creations are a contemporary juxtaposition of traditional illustrations and painting composed of rough hand-drawn sketches, foliage, lines and curves with digital enhancement.

Daryl worked for international brands right from his home in Bacolod. Truly a one of a kind glocal (global + local) talent! Working for DFS Group under LVMH, paved the way for Daryl to deal with other international brands across the US, Asia, and Europe – Don Julio Tequila, Ford, Lee Jeans, Tiger Beer, Tory Burch, and even the David Lynch Foundation.

He was also chosen by the Walt Disney Company as one of the illustrators for their SEA 2014 Calendar.

Walt Disney SEA 2014 Calendar




Daryl's latest illustration for a restaurant in collaboration with Leung de Leon Marketing

Daryl’s latest artwork in collaboration with Leung de Leon Marketing for 7107 Culture + Cuisine, a Filipino restaurant in BGC.

The creative genius from Bacolod was featured in several local and international magazines and publications such as BG Magazine Ecuador, DPI Taiwan, Vulture Magazine, Stache, Status Magazine, Preview Magazine, and DPI Taiwan. He was also recognized by the aDoBo Design Awards in 2014 and 2015. Daryl’s world class works of art has also been showcased in exhibits here and abroad through Inverse in the Philippines, READ by Kult Magazine in Singapore and Tiger Translate: Streets Graffiti in Dubai to name a few.

With world-renowned clients, awards, a cult following, what is his secret to success? Passion – his love and devotion for art. Even if his parents hesitated with his chosen career in the beginning that didn’t discourage him from doing what he loves best. Daryl encourages the youth to pursue their passion, be resourceful and confidently use the Internet as a platform to showcase their work.

Mr. Feril feels grateful and considers his family a big part of his success. “Even with doubts at first, they gave me their support and guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for them.”

For more information on Daryl visit darylferil.com.

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