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With the Manila weather being hotter than I can remember for the last 29 years, as a polar bear reincarnate, this is literally my worst nightmare come to life. For all the makeup tricks I have under my sleeve, I just can’t seem to keep my makeup intact with this intense heat. So, after exhausting every trick in the beauty book, I’ve come to accept that in situations like these, less is truly more.

The philosophy is pretty simple, actually – unclog your pores by going light on the makeup and just let your skin breathe as much as possible. However, if you’re just like the next person who’s not completely blemish free, I understand how this approach can somewhat induce mini heart attacks. It’s not always easy, letting go of the very painstaking beauty ritual we’ve come to hate (and love), and the perfectly made up, flawless face that helps us face the world with confidence as a result of it.

So when Maybelline quietly launched the “Fit Me” concealers in store, I could’ve sworn I heard a chorus of angels singing Hallelujah.

This concealer has been raved about for so long by my favourite beauty gurus (even being referred to as the “dupe” of the high end, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer), that I just about thought it would snow in the PH first before Maybelline brought it to our shores. Yes, I’ve been waiting THAT long.

But HONEY, was it worth the wait.

I’ve tried my fair share of drugstore concealers from all over the world – and this concealer, without any exaggeration, is THE BEST of them all. Personally, the coverage of this concealer alone, is what makes this product really special. Since I’ve started using Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer, I’ve completely abandoned using any sort of foundation, BB/CC Creams (even moisturizer when I’m super rushed), as this concealer alone provides me with all the coverage (and moisture) I need. This concealer from Maybelline can easily compete with the high end concealers in the market, and it would probably kick its sweet little ass too. More than that, the texture and consistency is so creamy and blendable, it’s truly a dream to apply. I don’t even need a brush or sponge to apply this, as this melts into my skin like butter with just the warmth of my fingertips. It won’t crease on you as well (as long as you set your undereye and T-Zone area properly), even in the hottest and most humid of weather conditions. Honestly, if it weren’t so dang hot in the PH, I could even wear this concealer without having to set it with powder. In terms of the finish, it’s not completely matte (which I prefer), but it’s not overly dewy either. In my honest opinion, I think the finish of this gives ones face just the right amount of healthy glow and dimension that it’s the perfect base for a beautiful, flawless makeup look. Price wise, at P299, this is an absolute BARGAIN. Heck, I would even pay P500 and up for this if I have to. It’s just that GREAT.

**EXTRA TIP: For fair to medium skin tones, you can try the Fit Me concealer in the shade “Cafe” to contour. I kid you not, this will give you the most natural looking contour especially if you blend it with a sponge. 😉


Officially THE concealer of life. Maybelline's Fit Me concealer in Light & Cafe.

Officially THE concealer of life. Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer in Light & Cafe.


Side by side comparison. Didn't use any moisturizer, foundation, BB or CC cream on my face. Just Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer.

Side by side comparison. Didn’t use any moisturizer, foundation, BB or CC cream on my face. Just Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer. Also using Maybelline’s Rosy Matte lippie in Natural Beige! Pretty, eh?


Another Maybelline product line that was recently launch that I’m also very excited to share with you guys are Maybelline’s Rosy Matte lipsticks. For those of you that prefer rosy, nude shades on your lips, this newest line from Maybelline is sure to hit the sweet spot.

Also at P299 (Seriously, Maybelline is just after our hearts! Everything is so gosh darn affordable!), these creamy matte lippies sit super comfortably on the lips throughout the day, and doesn’t emphasize the fine lips of your lips, as do most matte lipsticks. I find that as long as users properly moisturize and line their lips beforehand, these affordable lippies from Maybelline are very much capable of staying for quite a few hours on the lips, which is always a plus for young, career oriented Filipinas who are always on the go. More often than not, a lot of Filipinas can’t be bothered to re-apply their lipsticks throughout the day, so a lipstick that can guarantee a few extra hours of wear is always a bonus! With regards to color selection, since so many Filipinas come with different complexions and skin tones (and personal styles!), Maybelline has made sure with the Rosy Matte range to offer a little bit of something for every Filipina with their 5 different shades – Natural Beige, Soft Pink, Rosy Peach (my fave!), Apricot Beige and Salmon Pink. After playing with these products for a couple of weeks now, I feel that Rosy Peach, Soft Pink and Natural Beige would work really well with fair-medium skin tones, while Apricot Beige and Salmon Pink could work for medium to dark skin tones.


Maybelline Rosy Matte Swatches

If you want to check out these products for yourself, you may go to any Maybelline counter nationwide (via Watson’s or SM Department Store) to give these babies a test drive!

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