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Theresa Leung sits down with Koh Onozawa, the co-founder of Loudbasstard.

Onozawa is young, dynamic, successful and yet he remains humble. The past three years has been a great ride for the global Filipino brand, which has brought its best practices in creativity, innovation and modern marketing to the shores of the world.

Loudbasstard produces the world-renowned bamboo amplifier dubbed as “The Little Bamboo That Could.” It is used to amplify sound coming form your mobile device – iPhone or android. Sound waves need to travel through a medium such as solid, liquid, or gas.  The spacing of the molecules enables sound to travel much faster through solid than gas. Sound waves travel approximately thirteen times faster in wood than air hence sound is amplified when it travels through a Loudbasstard.

Today, the 25 year old Cebu-born Onozawa has already established a company that creates harmony between technology, industrial design, social impact, and sustainability. He co-founded Loudbasstard when he was only 23 years old and while on vacation in his hometown, Cebu, from his first job as an archeologist with the National Geographic in Japan.

Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier

Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier

1 – Start young

Onozawa played a leadership role at a very early age — jumping right into college to finish a Bachelors of Arts degree in Anthropology with a double major in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management from the University of San Carlos.

2 – Take advantage of internships

Koh an overachiever, is also an archaeologist. Every summer, Koh would apply for internships with the Micronesia Area Research Center in Guam. He worked throughout summers in college, and before graduating, was offered a full-time job as an archaeologist in Okinawa, Japan.

3 – Be the change (through something you are passionate about)

After a year in Japan, Onozawa co-founded a startup enterprise with a mission to create change through green and social business – Loudbasstard. He was equipped with a wealth of knowledge and love for heritage, and the environment.

Loudbasstard Hybrid

Loudbasstard Hybrid

4 – Never stop learning – Take advantage of technology. Read. Research. Apply. 

The resourceful Mr. Onozawa taught himself branding, manufacturing and supply management, marketing, finance and business management through multiple books and online courses offered by Ivy League Universities in iTunes U.

In 2 years, Onozawa has received multiple international recognition for his work with Loudbasstard in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Loudbasstard Hybrid

Loudbasstard Hybrid

Between the ages of 23 to 25, Onozawa received the following innovation and entrepreneurship awards on behalf of Loudbasstard:

  • Top 3 finalist in the nationwide search for Rappler.com’s Do More Award in Innovation
  • Finalist for the Mansmith Market Masters Award
  • GoNegosyo Young Inspiring Entrepreneur
  • MEGA’s 30 under 30

5- Stay grounded. It is your responsibility to give back to your community.

For Loudbasstard’s First Year Anniversary, Onozawa started Loudbasstard’s “Note for Note” program that partners with NGOS to jump start music education programs in Cebu’s public schools to provide extracurricular music learning activities to young students in public schools and orphanages.

Koh Onozawa (original photo from forbes.com)

Koh Onozawa (original photo from forbes.com)

By age 24, Koh served as the Official Philippine delegate, joining 17 other Asian delegates from Iran to Fiji for the Asia Pacific Organization’s workshop on Entrepreneurship, Promotion & Partnership in Laos PDR 2014.

Koh has also been sharing his story to different universities around the Philippines, and various entrepreneurship events in Asia; one of the most notable ones was a TEDX Talk in Cebu, where he invited guests from the Gualan—di Cebu Deaf Association to attend, and their interpreter to go on stage with him to translate his and other speakers’ inspiring speeches.

Koh also represented Cebu at the Chiang Mai Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop in Thailand, and was guest speaker at the 2015 Asian Consortium for Social Entrepreneurship organized by Polytechnic University Hong Kong.

Loudbasstard Hybrid - Passive Amplification

Loudbasstard Hybrid – Passive Amplification

Loudbasstard Hybrid - Active Amplification

Loudbasstard Hybrid – Active Amplification

Part of the proceeds from Loudbasstard’s sales are allotted for the Filipino deaf communities to hear and appreciate music too. This cause is close to Onozawa’s heart as someone part of the community helped him as a member of their household.

Koh believes in constantly learning. He hires people who he says are better than him so he can learn from them. His passion is reflected on each and every Loudbasstard item you see. Onozawa is just beginning for the love of music, innovation and social impact.

Officially distributed around the world, Loudbasstard is now available in top design stores in Asia, Europe and America or directly shipped from the Philippines on www.loudbasstard.com.

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