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Yours truly, testing L’Oréal's newest products for 2016. Follow me on Instagram (@valerieg86) to see more of my beauty adventures! Yours truly, testing L’Oréal’s newest products for 2016. Follow me on Instagram (@valerieg86) to see more of my beauty adventures!


2016 saw L’Oréal introducing Filipino beauty fanatics to a slew of exciting new products, as well as its first set of equally exciting, local brand ambassadors to help identify what exactly a #LOrealWomanOfWorth is all about.

On hand during the launch event were newly appointed L’Oréal brand ambassadors, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo and Solenn Heusaff – who now represent the brand’s hair color, skin care and makeup lines, respectively. If these ladies were chosen by L’Oréal because they exemplify style, sophistication and effortless beauty (just like Parisian women), then I can clearly understand why these 3 gorgeous ladies were handpicked to join the ranks of other impressive, girl crush worthy L’Oréal women such as Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Julianne Moore, to name a few.

Girl crushes aside, I want to put the spotlight on L’Oréal’s newest makeup offerings – a brand and line that I’m very passionate about, as I’ve always been a proud and loyal customer throughout the years. I’ll be breaking my very long review down (so buckle up) into three categories – eyes, face & lips, for a seamless transition.





HIT: L’Oréal Brow Artist Chisel Straight, P400

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade has officially taken a backseat to this product. As someone who has been a long time lover of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow products, the fact that I’ve yet to take out my ABH Dipbrow Pomade since I got my greedy little paws on this brow monster, says A LOT.

Let me tell you why.

If you’re someone that’s averse to structured, perfectly drawn brows – CHILD, L’Oréal’s Brow Artist Chisel Straight is the answer to your prayer.

L’Oréal’s newest brow product will give you the most natural looking, fluffy, feathered brows – perfect for those ladies that prefer the “no makeup” makeup look, OR, if you’re someone that just has a fuss-free, daily makeup routine. This item comes in 2 shades – Fashionista Marron (light brown) & Effortless Mahogany (Dark Brown).

What’s interesting (and pretty genius, might I add) about this product is its applicator/s. On its very end, you’ll see a precise tip applicator, which is a sturdy, but still soft and spongy doe foot looking applicator, and that L’Oréal makeup artists recommend that you use for drawing out the tail of your brow and filling in your sparse areas. Once you’ve carved out the tail and filled in your brows, you’ll then find a somewhat rounder than usual spoolie/mascara brush right under the doe foot applicator, which you can use to spread out the product for a more even application; fluff each brow hair; and feather out your brows.

While I still stand by the ABH Dipbrow Pomade and Brow Wiz (they’re still great, AMAZING, top shelf products), in our day and age, wherein time is money and every minute wasted is a missed opportunity – taking your sweet time to fill in your eyebrows is just something that you can’t afford to do on a daily basis. L’Oréal’s Brow Artist Chisel Straight on the other hand, is just the perfect I’m-busy-hustlin’-I-don’t-have-time-to-do-my-brows-lazy-girl product. You literally don’t need to take out any other brush, or other brow products (brow powder, brow gel, etc.,) to do your brows. Everything you need is on that tube! Plus, you don’t need to be a brow wizard to use this, as I don’t think it was meant to give you the same effect as Anastasia’s brow products. I might be wrong about this, but in my humble opinion, I actually feel that this product was truly meant for those natural looking, “I woke up like this” days.

If my more than 1 page rave review still doesn’t convince you to even try out this product, then let me seal the deal for you. This wonderful, genius, beautimous THING – stays put ALL DAY. As a polar bear reincarnate stuck in extreme, inhumane temperatures, summer is seriously my worst nightmare. Now more than ever, with summer already haunting my every hot, sweaty move, this product has been put through the ringer, and every.single.time, it has passed with flying colors. Once I’m home, A/C cranked high and myself collapsing face down on my pillow, the product is still 95% there. I’m just simply in awe everytime I use this product, and I highly suggest, NAY, I demand that you head on over to your nearest drugstore and give this product a chance. You may be 400 bucks poorer, but your overall beauty game, will be exponentially richer.


HIT: L’Oréal False Lash Superstar Mascara, P500

For 500 bucks flat, this is a solid, reliable mascara. This mascara involves a 2-step application process; with Step 1 being the priming and volumizing stage, and Step 2 being the lengthening stage. It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen this style of application, but the technology behind it is still as formidable as ever. With this mascara, you can expect to get dramatic, vava-voom lashes thanks to the lash lifting mascara brush, as well as the perfect complement to your dark, smokey eye makeup c/o the 7 types of extraordinary oils in its formula that thickens each lash (and even help lash growth!).

I would say though, that although this mascara is great for a night out, it is not great – ALL NIGHT. Sometime between the 7th-8th hour (after my first application), I did notice a little bit of fall out, as evidence of the black flakes on the tops of my cheeks. It will remain steady and immovable though for the first 4-5 hours, but I suggest removing this completely with some gentle micellar water (upside: it’s very easy to remove), and just applying a fresh coat again to avoid the flaking and eventually, creasing (#OilyGirlProblems).

All in all, it’s up there in terms of drugstore mascara along with Maybelline’s Falsies and the iconic Great Lash. However, it’s not so up there that it’s on the same level as Maybelline’s Lash Sensational (no drugstore mascara can hold a curl like this bad boy), which hopefully, L’Oréal’s sister company, Maybelline, will be bringing to the Philippines soon.


MISS: L’Oréal Superstar Super Liner, P400

THIS eyeliner.

We could’ve been great together.

The felt tip was all kinds of great. It was the right kind of hard, but still flexible, making it easy to manipulate when drawing my winged liner; it distributed color evenly; and the color intensity was just right. It had all the makings of a top shelf product. So imagine my surprise when a minute into application, it started creasing and transferring to my top lid. I thought to myself, “Maybe I just didn’t let it dry enough.”

So I removed it completely and started fresh. I gave it 3 minutes to dry this time, and guess what happened next? #CreaseCentral. Since my momma didn’t raise a quitter, I gave this liner another go. I was there, in front of the fan, like a crazy person, willing for this eyeliner to dry. When it finally did, all I could remember thinking was, “Wow. That’s a lot of effort.”

I’m sure someone out there is bound to have a different experience from me with this product – but, if you want my 2 cents, I’d recommend you go for L’Oréal’s lacquer liner instead.




HIT: L’Oréal Infallible Pro Spray & Set, P500

Calling this product a HIT would be a gross understatement. I would describe this product more like, a HOME RUN.

Simply put, L’Oreal really hit it out of the park with this one.

Hands down, an honest-to-goodness, great value-for-money setting spray. Your makeup just comes together beautifully when you spray this on, it mattifies your face without making you look like an overdone cake, and it legitimately prolongs the wear of your makeup, and can stand up to cold, hot, humid, or whatever kind of inhumane weather conditions you could think of #LikeABoss.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: Hunt this bad boy down. NOW.


HIT: L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 16-hour Powder, P600

For those with combo/oily skin, this matte powder will be a huge hit. However, for those with dry skin, do keep in mind to prep your skin properly before using this. Use a very hydrating moisturizer or primer underneath, or if you’re like me who’s currently suffering from dryness on some parts of my face, use a face oil that you can combine with your foundation (one to two drops should suffice depending on how dry you skin is) to balance the mattifying properties of this powder.

If used correctly, this powder will perform to the best of its abilities. If by chance you feel like you’re getting oily throughout your day, I would recommend only touching up with this once – so use it wisely. I observed that if you touch up more than once after your initial application, this powder tends to make your skin look a bit cake-y. Overall though, I would still repurchase this product after it runs out, and I would definitely recommend this to my friends without hesitation.


MISS: L’Oréal True Match Genius, P600

I really wanted to like this. I was very curious about this product when I spotted it at the event. Tagged as a “smart makeup”, this 4-in-1 compact foundation claims to be a primer, foundation, concealer and a powder. When I first swatched this at the event, I was very impressed with its almost smooth, silicone-like consistency, which helped the foundation glide easily on my skin. Even more impressive when the foundation warmed up quickly and melted right into the skin.

Upon further testing though (in the comfort of my own home), first thing I would say if you do decide to buy this, is to ditch the sponge that comes with it. I found that it just absorbs too much of the product, but doesn’t really distribute it back to your skin. The best way to get the most out of this product is to apply it with your fingers entirely, OR use your fingers initially and then use a flat top brush to buff it into your skin. Even then, I observed that out of its supposed 4 functions, there was only 1 thing that it did live up to, and that was its claim to be a foundation (with sheer to light coverage). As for the rest of its claims, I feel that there are definitely better drugstore concealers to cover your spots/blemishes; better primers that won’t leave you feeling greasy; and better powders that will actually help set your makeup without fear of anything moving around or sliding off. All in all, on its own, this product will need the help of a few other products to get this to work.




HIT & MISS: L’Oréal Tint Caresse, P350

I’m slightly on the fence on this one. I understand that people have been raving about this new item from L’Oréal, but somehow, I’m just not completely sold. Sure, it’s very pigmented and it’s unique in its powder formulation, but strangely, this just doesn’t glide on smoothly for me – probably because for someone who doesn’t have the most hydrated of lips, the doomed combination of dry lips and this lipstick’s powder formulation just isn’t a match made in heaven for me. The powder just clings to the dry areas of my lips so much that it just becomes patchy in the process, making for an uneven application and an unattractive lip situation. Safe to say, this kind of powder formulation would probably work better for someone who’s very religious with their lip exfoliating & hydrating regimen.


HIT: L’Oréal Balm Caresse, P350

Upon hearing the word “balm”, I was expecting this to be very hydrating for the lips. I was pleasantly surprised to find though that this balm doesn’t just hydrate, but is extremely pigmented as well! More than that, this balm is infused with natural spa oils that will instantly soothe chapped lips so you can expect to have hydrated lips for up to 12 hours! Plus, it tastes like candy! How cool is that?

One small thing to note though is that this product does tend to get a bit slick on the lips when you apply, so do keep in mind that this might not be the most longwearing lippie. It will, however, leave a nice stain once it does start to rub off, so if you don’t mind reapplying this hybrid lip balm+lipstick throughout the day, then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t go to your nearest drugstore to get a hold of this baby!

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