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Manila, February 24 – Dubbed as #WeaponsOfMassSeduction, Singapore brand Browhaus officially introduced their makeup range to the Philippine media consisting of beauty editors, writers, bloggers and celebrity influencers.

Judging by the reception the launch received, it seems a lot of the beauty enthusiasts that were present were as intrigued as I was by the products that were being launched. Makeup junkie that I am, I admittedly have already seen this being distributed by Beauty MNL on their site for quite some time now (to good reviews as well!), so I was quite excited come launch day to finally get to try out Browhaus’ makeup range for the first time. In addition to that, it was also very interesting for me to see a renowned brow and lash salon dipping their toes into a more extended product line that could potentially be a miss — OR, a new cult favorite for those in the know, if Browhaus has managed to do it right.

For more than a week now, I’ve been putting Browhaus’ products through the ringer — testing them on myself in various weather conditions, as well as on my makeup loving friends (with different looks and skin types from my own), as I really wanted to give you guys an insightful and thorough review. If you want to know more, I took the liberty of writing down my most honest thoughts below.

1) Browhaus HD Mascara, P998


Definitely the HERO product of this range.

Out of 5 stars, I would probably rate this product a 4. I would’ve actually given this a 5 if the product was easier to remove (a testament of it’s incredible staying power!), and if it volumized as much as it did lengthen. In this case, it was a good thing that Browhaus offers an oil-based makeup remover  to get rid of that high definition (HD) mascara. You can also work their mascara to either give you a natural look (a few coats should do the trick), or build it up with 2-3 more coats to achieve a more dramatic eye look. Rest assured the “HD’ in their mascara doesn’t just stand for High Definition, but for “Heavy Duty” as well, as this won’t crease or flake off even after a hectic, 8-hour work day! You do, however, need to wait for the mascara to set a good few minutes, and just lightly curl it again, as I find that its consistency does not hold a curl that well.

Something that I also feel that’s worth mentioning is its somewhat heavy chemical smell — simply because for a person like me who has a bionic nose, this was something that was hard to ignore. HOWEVER, if you’re not a mutant like me with bionic senses, and the smell won’t bother you, I see no reason why you should not go ahead and purchase this product. Do keep in mind though that at P998, this is certainly steeper in price, BUT, for the results that you get, it’s worth the buy!

2) Browhaus Precision Eyeliner, P750



Available in brown and black, this eyeliner claims to offer long-lasting, smudge-proof wear and intense colour for up to 24 hours.

That’s a huge promise for an eyeliner.

Upon testing, I have to say that all these claims are true — if you’re someone with dry skin and non-greasy lids. Unfortunately, for us ladies that have way too much oil on our lids, this eyeliner will slide off and eventually crumble off your face. I’ve had the misfortune of having my friend brush off black flecks off my cheeks during an event (courtesy of the eyeliner), while my dry-skinned friend was having a fabulous eyeliner day. Something to keep in mind as well is that these 2 eyeliners were not created equal. The black one definitely performs better in terms of intensity and staying power, while the brown one flakes off faster and isn’t as pigmented. I guess what I’m trying to say is, for P998 (which is a pretty penny), I really wanted this to work — for ALL skin types.

On the upside, one important thing that I like about this eyeliner is its felt-tip applicator, which is very easy to manipulate thank to its hard tip, which makes doing a winged liner a breeze. Although this is a matter of preference at this point (a hard tip vs a pliable tip), for someone like me with unsteady hands, I feel that a hard tip gives me more control when drawing my wings.

3) Browhaus Classic Brow Lead, P648

Classic Browlead

As a person who really enjoys and takes time filling in their brows, this is truly heartbreaking for me to say. I’ll keep my review short for this one as there is nothing more that I dislike than writing a bad product review for a good brand.

Simply put, skip this one. Even though the price is fairly reasonable at P648 (it comes with a soft bristle brush on the other end of the pen and a sharpener), it’s just too stiff to work with even if I’ve tried a number of ways to warm up the product. Also, I find that their darkest color which is Soft Brown, is still not a good match for my very dark hair color. The colors they have on hand which are Soft Brown, Asphalt and Blonde may be better suited to those with colored/lighter hair colors.

4) Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liners, P498 individually & P1,998 for the 5-pencil box set


I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out a bi-liner (eyeliner + eyeshadow) until Browhaus came along. I was definitely intrigued when I spotted this during their launch, and it was the first product of theirs that I swatched and oooooh’d and ahhhhh’d over when the nice makeup lady explained to us what a bi-liner was all about.

More than its novelty, I gravitated towards this product because of its beautiful color selection. The colors included in the 5-pencil box set are Blush, Burgundy, Amber, Noir Shimmer and Midnight Blue. Personally, the first color I grabbed was the Burgundy one, as I prefer using dark liners to open up my eyes, but not necessarily just sticking to the color black all the time. I find that a color as deep as Burgundy or Midnight Blue just adds a little more dimension to my face, and it keeps my makeup game interesting.

If you want to use this as an eyeshadow, I would suggest using a brush instead to smudge out the color, instead of the rubber tip at the end as I find that the rubber tip somehow alters the color and removes some of the shimmer from the product (and I love me some shimmer!). You would also have to smudge this out pretty quickly as well since the gel sets really fast.

5) Browhaus Erase Makeup Remover, P800

A good, reliable, steady oil-based makeup remover that’s sure to take out tough-to-remove makeup.

As I recounted earlier, I had to resort to using Browhaus’ oil makeup remover to get rid of their heavy duty mascara. Although I prefer using milder makeup removers (micellar water) as to not dry out my skin too much, I found my experience with this one to be pleasant enough (it didn’t sting my eyes, didn’t dry out my skin and it worked hard to remove layers of makeup) that I would consider repurchasing this should I run out. Granted, there are many oil-based makeup removers coming out in the market with a more affordable price tag, but so far, this is one of the few oil-based makeup removers that’s come close to my experience with my favorite DHC Cleansing Oil, that I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more for its quality and size.

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