Christian Bautista’s Mission: SEXY People

Christian BautistaChristian Bautista, multi-platinum recording artist, singer, actor, host & model, sustained a back injury because of strenuous exercise. He was not able to walk for a week as the pain was overwhelming. He had to undergo surgery and physical therapy to slowly recover from the unfortunate incident.


Christian’s abs before Sexy Solutions

Not being able to workout took a toll on his physique. His prominent abs were buried under layers of fat. This became the turning point for Christian to explore non-surgical options to take care of his body and get his abs back. He was on a mission! Mission: SEXY. He turned to Sexy Solutions and its holistic approach to weight loss.

“With Sexy Solutions, there’s no need for extreme workouts that can cause serious injury. I diligently went to my weekly treatments and I was able to get my abs back,” shared Christian.  His favorite treatments include Exilis, Ultraslim, Ion Magnum, and Multifirm. “Mission: SEXY, Mission accomplished! I was at 164.4 pounds when I started and after a few sessions, my weight was down to 151. I lost 13.4 pounds! I also lost 3 percent body fat, and a total of 7.5 inches (2.9 inches upper abs, 2.7 inches mid abs, and 1.9 inches lower abs) off my waist,” explained Christian. Now Christian is proud to be the voice of the #SexyRevolution!

“Our signature treatments that MELT FAT + TIGHTEN SKIN + TONE MUSCLE will help you lose those final inches and give you a quick start to achieving your dream body,” uttered Cristalle Belo, Managing Director and Lifestyle Expert of Sexy Solutions. Cristalle has indeed mastered the art of staying fit and healthy by incorporating a balanced diet, regular exercise and Sexy Solutions’ signature treatments to her routine. After all beauty is her business.

You too can join the #SexyRevolution! Get rid of unwanted fat and cellulites by revolting against your unhealthy habits and choosing proper diet and exercise coupled with Sexy Solutions’ state-of-the-art machines and treatments that can MELT FAT + TIGHTEN SKIN + TONE MUSCLE all on your lunch break.

Book a FREE consultation today, call 810-SEXY(7399) or drop by their branches at The Fort, BGC and SM North Edsa’s The Block. Visit, or their social media accounts: FacebookInstagram and Twitter and watch out for their exclusive offers plus beauty, health and diet tips.

CB with Advertising Rockstars

Christian Bautista with the #AdvertisingRockstars of Leung de Leon Marketing, Jun de Leon, Matt Gozun, the glam squad and the Sexy Solutions team.

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